Lights on Augusta: Story of The Window

Last Year, The Rock House Antiques was honored to win the annual "Lights on Augusta" contest put on by The Augusta Road Business Association.  It is a friendly competition and tradition among the Association's members.  It helps the businesses as well as the shoppers prepare for the season of shopping and the staff of TRH enjoys coming up with a fresh look each year.  The Rock House's talented crew put together a window which first reads quite theatrical, but is grounded in hope of the Advent season.  

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Scene: a woman walking through the snow covered woods, towards light, holding a white dove, with a trail of crumpled love letters behind her....

Bill Bates and Barry McElreath wanted the window to speak to everyone differently but for all to walk away feeling hopeful, despite whatever season of life they are in.  Bill said, "It's a walk from the darkness of a heartbreak to the hope of a new beginning.  The bird and the white forest both reflect the light and brighten her broken world again.... just as Advent brings about the new coming of light into our world."   

Carol Kilby, owner of The Rock House Antiques, praises Bill & Barry's work.  "Their ability to represent Christmas in a creative way, and still point to it's ultimate meaning is so indicative of their talents.  It's about hope".