How Dealers live: Different Design Styles

One of the great things about The Rock House is that we have something for all tastes.  With around 80 dealers, each whom bring a different aesthetic, we are bound to have a vast offering.  The same is true with their homes.  They each have a different style and we are thrilled to give our readers a peek in.   Some are designers, some are avid collectors of a specific style/period.  All are unique and one of a kind!  


Parker Kennedy Living:   

Lance Jackson and David Ecton of Parker Kennedy Living are well known Interior Designers, who have been featured multiple times in print, and have a recognizable and growing brand.  They are known for their "preppy on the edge" look where they mix Palm Beach regency, chinoiserie, bright preppy colors and never shy away from taking a risk.  Lance and David live with this look as well and immerse themselves in it.  They recently purchased a turn of the century home in Commerce, GA and we are excited to see if the aesthetic will change as well.  Follow @parkerkennedyliving and

Marci Cairns:

Marci's aesthetic is very New-England Americana with a touch of the primitive, simpler life.  She loves to mix found pieces with classic style.  Her design work is clean and warm and it's apparent that she has quite the eye for pulling together a look.  Follow her on Instagram @thecollaborateur 

Jenny Kramer Decor:  

Jenny's design aesthetic is a mix of many styles.   It's all about the mix of old and new and collected unusual pieces- which can be seen in her personal home.  She doesn't want her home to look like her neighbors, and she sets her style one piece at a time.  It's ever evolving.  Collecting never stops.  "If it speaks to me, it lives with me.  People should surround themselves with art and pieces that evoke feelings, thought and simply make them happy."  Her booth in the shop has quite a different feel, and is her oasis away from everyday reality.  Follow @jennykramerdecor and

Eliza Gray: 

Eliza's home is collected and full of pieces that carry memories...  Inherited, loved and cherished.  Her home tells a story through her personal touches.  Her warm and sincere personality is evident.  It's a cheery and collected home, perfect for her children to grow and live in.  

Dan Dupler: 

Dan is a collector and dealer of American antiques.  His collection is lovingly displayed throughout his home.  His wife is a quilter and they both display their pieces with careful consideration.  Dan restores and refinished pieces if needed, but respects the integrity of the pieces and works carefully to keep that in tact.  They are pure American collectors and they hold a wealth of knowledge on American primitives.  On Instagram @yellowdogantiques

Brooke Kellett: 

Brooke got her degree in design and is an artist as well as a dealer.  Her home is an eclectic mix of styles and it brims with beautiful vintage, antiques and art.  She uses bright bold color ways to set off her collection. She is great at mixing things up with fun pops of the unexpected.  She is not afraid to try something and live with it for a while... if it gets along well with her current pieces, it stays, if not, it goes to the booth.  It's a creative endeavor and it's ever changing!  Check out Brook's booth @kandkcollective

The Glenns: 

Joy and her husband, Clyde, own The Little Lamp shop.  It is a full service lamp shop, with repairs, restoration and shade fittings.  They have been in the antique business for many years and collect traditional pieces.  Joy loves antique rugs so much, she has 6 layered in her living room.  Beautiful art and furnishings line their 1930s home in the downtown Greenville area.  Find out more about this beautiful home on The Little Lamp Shops Instagram:  (it just happens to be for sale!) @thelittlelampshop 

We look forward to bringing you more dealer homes soon!  Just so you know... if you are visiting a dealer's home, it is always okay to ask if you can buy their dining room table ;).  Likely, the answer will be yes!