Dealer Spotlight: Addie Schweigert with Pinnacle Antiques

Let's get to know another one of our dealers better! 

An Interview with Addie Schweigert dba Pinnacle Antiques and Appraisals LLC

1)   What type of antiques do you specialize in?

Architecture elements,  European and 19th century Americana furniture. We have a unique collection of antique & vintage doors along with heavy wrought iron gates and panels.  At Christmastime we feature a sterling and silverplate bonanza.

2)   How long have you been in the antique business and what made you get started in it? 

I have discovered, traded or sold antiques since I was in college. Every unique find has a story to tell that illustrates its time in history and I love seeing that story unfold.

3)   What is the one piece you have purchased that you treasure the most (that you sold or kept)?

We purchased and still use a RJ Horner partner’s desk with extensive carvings and statued gargoyle legs.  This “find” holds a treasured story. . . .

4)   If you could have any antique piece, from anywhere in the world, despite cost, what would it be? 

The original Magna Cartamanuscript, 1512.  It is about the most valuable document in existence and is the basis for much of our democratic liberties and personal property rights today.

5)   What are your social media handles (if you have them)?

Instagram: pinnacleantiquesllc

6)   Anything else you would like readers to know?

We are always looking for the unique, must-have object that will be a conversational focal point in any discriminating home. Keep coming and you will continue to find something different and exciting!

Thank you Addie for allowing us to get to know more about you!