How Dealers Live: Porcelain and Rug Collector

Dealers are antique lovers.  The reason we all get into the business is because the love of antiques flows freely in our blood.  Many of us grew up with collectors or dealers and inherited the trade.  Many of us stumbled into the industry because after years of buying antiques, we had to start selling to support our habit.  I know, it sounds like a sickness, and it is... a stunningly beautiful sickness.  The dealers at The Rock House are a lovely group.  We are all a bit quirky (I can say that, because I am one) and some even eccentric... therefore, our homes are quite interesting by default.  We decided spotlighting dealer's homes would be a fun trip into how collectors live.  

For the Dealer's privacy, we do not give the name.  The following dealer is a collector of fine antique furniture, but also exquisite rugs, books, art and porcelain. They keep things neat and tidy... not the kind of collector with narrow paths through rooms due to stacks of treasures.  Everything is lovingly and meticulously cared for, polished and dusted.  The collection is edited and not overdone or overpowering.  Each piece is special and stands alone.  Each piece has it's own story.  Below are a collection of pictures of this lovely, beautifully appointed home.  

Another thing this home is full of is love... there are family photos throughout, highlighting special moments and those closest to them.  It was a pleasure to visit a home so warm!