Christopher D. Bassett

         If you have been to The Rock House, there is no doubt you were moved to pause by two colorful and captivating booths within the shop. You may have seen the man behind these jewel boxes, in his element, slowly and methodically arranging and staging his offerings... creating a space that transports those that enter into a shimmering and radiant room of all things beautiful. Christopher Bassett is a master at his craft (which are many), a skilled curator, merchandiser, floral designer and creator. He is an artist whose pallete is broad, but refined; whose medium is open-ended, yet fixed in beauty. Each piece, when standing alone, is alluring enough; but when he groups these treasures together, they are sublime. His shops within The Rock House are, within themselves, a work of art. That is what causes us to pause before entering, like viewing a painting, we take in the broad composition, let it soak in, and then dig deeper into it to admire the details that make up the cohesive work.

       We are not the only ones to take notice of Christopher. He has a thick resume of work, that spans the globe and has even landed him credits on the big screen. His talent, combined with his work ethic, allow him to succeed at about any task put before him. I would be hard pressed to find something he is not versed in. His career in flowers spans more than 25 years. He has worked on well over a dozen sets, doing floral and garden design and interior staging. He has worked on magazine photo shoots, on tv and film. Each project has it's own set of creative challenges.

      His latest work can currently be viewed in movie theaters... I'm sure you've heard of it, (or, like me, have every song memorized): "The Greatest Showman". Christopher was the lead floral designer on the movie and when you sit in awe after the movie, which most people do, you'll see his name in lights. His talent can be seen throughout the movie.

I asked Christopher to walk me through the creative process and implementation of his work:

"As floral designer for 'The Greatest Showman', I was responsible for executing flowers for selected sets. Flowers ranging from a simple vase of garden roses with fern for Chastity Barnum's vanity, to a lavish Dressing Room reception glowing with large arrangements of all white flowers for the "Swedish Nightingale" Jenny Lind. A collaboration between the production designer, set decorator and myself (floral designer) are essential to create the end results. Historical reference, colors, fabric and furniture styles were all considered for the choice of flowers and plants used on set. For this particular film, my crew and I created our floral designs using a combination of artificial and fresh flowers, foliage and plants. Choices are made depending on length of shoot days on each set. On set work hours can vary greatly. The flowers are usually the last thing to be placed or built on set and flexibility is a must. At the end of it all I am creating beautiful flowers reflecting light onto the actors and into the camera. A very different approach to doing flowers."  - Christopher D. Bassett

We are so proud to have Christopher's talent and offerings available to Greenville at The Rock House. We feel lucky to have him in the shop when he's in town from New York. We all feel a bit more motivated, enthused and inspired when he's around. He is proof that creativity inspires creativity.

- The Rock House