Dealer Spotlight: Watts & Company

Get to know the ladies behind Watts & Co:  Becca Gregory & Melanie Pleta

TRH: What is your inspiration? 

M: A lot of my inspiration comes to me when I am out antiquing. I love going to the dirtiest, most junked up places and digging for the perfect piece. The Diamond in the ruff I guess you could say! Seeing the piece in the far corner with an inch of dust that most would just walk right by. It always seems to tell a story to me. My favorite so far is an old green chest we got. On the inside, there are several WWII Army stickers that say the original owner's branch and locations he was stationed. If the chest could only talk! The stories I find with the pieces are what give me inspiration. 

B: I’ve always been inspired by anything with chippy paint. Primitive pieces make me swoon. The chippier  the better! I always joke with Melanie too that I’m like a man when it comes to a lot of my antique choices. Give me some taxidermy or vintage signage and I melt! 

TRH: How did you get your start? How did you learn?

M: I started loving antiques when my sister started a farm wedding venue in Pittsburgh PA. I was there to help renovate and transform a working farm into the perfect outdoor venue. We have all the original farm tools refurbished and hanging on the walls of the carriage house. Antique sideboards are used for different stations. Old wood tables, chairs, and buckets are used to accent the bride's vision. Going out searching and learning to refurbish furniture with my sister was some of the best times. After that, I was hooked!

B: Honestly Melanie and I were just talking one day about how we should try to mix houseplants and antiques in a shop setting. We both love antiquing and have slight heart palpitations when we pass by an antique shop, and both of our garages were starting to look like an episode from hoarders, so we decided that we should find an outlet for our collecting tendencies. With me being a horticulture major and Melanie an awesome floral designer, we figured why not mix our two passions? So, we created Watts & Co.  As far as how I learned I guess you could say it comes a little naturally? I wing it really! I’ve just always found pieces that I like and go from there. That’s what I love about antiques. There are so many unique pieces you can incorporate into your space that no one else has, so you end up with a one of a kind space. 

TRH: What do you call your style?  

M: I don't think that I necessarily have a particular style. I like to mix and match whatever I fall in love with. Whatever inspires me and speaks to me in that moment always can find a spot in my space. If I had to choose a style though I normally go for the bohemian, modern look! I love bright fun patterns with a more calm and clean background.

B: Boho cozy maybe?! I just strive to make any space as cozy and homey as possible. I love to incorporate kilim rugs and pillows, houseplants, and lots of old books. I’m definitely more focused on darker tones, but Melanie loves lighter tones so it really works when we mix our two styles together. 

TRH: How can people contact you for custom work?

Feel free to contact us through Instagram (@wattsandcogvl)!