Dealer Spotlight: W Road Collection

We love when our dealers open up and are willing to share a bit about themselves with our customers!  We are excited to introduce Susan Shaw from W Road Collection


*TRH: What is your name?  
SS: Susan Shaw of W Road Collection

*TRH: What type of antiques do you specialize in?                                                                                            

SS: I Specilaize in mostly 18th and 19th c. French and other European antiques with a mix of vintage and contemporary pieces to blend for a curated, update look.                                                                      

*TRH: How long have you been in the antique business and what made you get started in it?                      

SS: I've been in business since 2014. My designer sister and I went to France for three weeks and had fantastic antiques guides in both Paris and in the South of France. Next thing we knew we had a designated container being shipped home with wonderful finds!  We have continued to secure European period pieces directly from France, Italy and England, as well as sourcing in the states for both antiques, as well as vintage and new contemporary items. We love the look of mixing both old and new, and from various styles and periods to create a curated look that tells the story of the pieces. Each room tells the owner's story as well as the historical story of the original craftsmanship and  time period it was made. Timeless pieces, regardless of origin and period are what we look for in sourcing for our collection. We also love mixing original contemporary art with our antique pieces and hope to do so at The Rock House soon.

*TRH: What is the one piece you have purchased that you treasure the most (that you sold or kept)?                                                                                                                                              

SS: Two pieces, one sold and one kept. I loved the Swedish tall clock we found in Paris and anticipated keeping it, but it went to a lovely home with a designer friend who incorporated it beautifully into her Chattanooga home. I still treasure my red and gold ewer from mid 19th c. France that was one of my first purchases in 2014 from Monique at " Les Puces" in Paris. It holds a spot atop my china cabinet in my dining room.

*TRH: If you could have any antique piece, from anywhere in the world, despite cost, what would it be?  

SS:An 18th century tall clock from Sweden with all the workings and original patina, similar to the one I sold.

*TRH:What are your social media handles (if you have them)?

SS: is website  @wroadcollection on both Instagram and Facebook, you can also find us on Pinterest

*TRH: Do you work in any other industry, or have other jobs?

SS:I practiced law in SC, GA and TN for over 20 years, but am currently enjoying being a newbie empty nester and dappling with antiques. 

*TRH: Anything else you would like readers to know?

SS: We love to travel extensively and enjoy discovering new styles and old antiques wherever we go and sharing not only the pieces, but also the stories of the people and places as well. We have spaces in Atlanta as well as online. We love searching for specific pieces for customers who are having trouble finding just the right thing.