Dealer Spotlight: Carol Smeaton "Fabulous"

Next up on our dealer spotlight:  Carol Smeaton, known affectionately as "Fabulous", she is "the purveyor of the unnecessary and the irresistible". 

A moment with Fabulous: 

Q: What types of Antiques do you specialize in?                                                                            

 A: Art, silver, pottery, china, books. Shelves filled with quirky, fun and functional items and often the perfect gift.

Q: How long have you been in the antique business and what make you get started?                  

 A: I have been collecting for 50 years and selling my collection for more than 20 years.  My residence is referred tot as THE SMEATONIAN.  

Q: What is the one piece that you have purchased that you treasure the most (that you either sold or kept)?                                                                                                                                      A: I am a plateaholic as each room in THE SMEATONIAN is is adorned with many plates.  One plate is very special as it was a gift from the china collection of Franklin D. Roosevelt.  It is believed to have come from Oliver Wolcott, the secretary of the treasury under George Washington.  

Q: If you could have any antique piece from anywhere in the world despite cost, what would it be?                                                                                                                                                       A: I have no burning desire for anything specific, but am always open to any buying opportunity.

Q: What are your social media handles?                                                                                            

A:  Instagram: @smeatoncarol1144

Q: Do you work in any other industry or have any other jobs?                                                        

A: I am retired from career in public school teaching and writing for two newspapers and a city magazine.  Also worked in marketing for a health food store.    

Q: Anything else you would like readers to know?

A: I was a competitive runner and cyclist holding a few state records in the 70s and 80s.  I crossed South Carolina on a bicycle in 1982.  

We, at the Rock House, would be remiss if we did not mention that Fabulous is also a talented caterer.  She caters all of the events at The Rock House and we are proud to have her bring a special touch to our events.  

Frances Kinloch Still - March Designer Spotlight

We had our second designer takeover with Frances Kinloch Still of Kinloch Interiors this past week. What a fun day! 

A snippet from her website  

She specializes in both commercial and residential design and has a flair and reputation for bold pattern and fun colors!  Many say her style feels very rock-star...  a mixture of fun, classic and always at least a little touch of rock and roll!  

Our Designer challenges involve a designer coming into The Rock House, looking through all 80+ dealer booths and pulling items they want to use into a vignette.  We love seeing how different and fresh each designer's vision is!

Frances jumped right into our Designer challenge both (very fashionable) feet first.  She grounded her design with a very lovely 6 panel Gracie Wallpaper screen.  She added in some bold green velvet chairs with Braemore pillows and flanked them along side an antique marble top gilt table.   She added in interesting details, such as a large moroccan cooker, a gold lamp and colorful barware.  She finished the look with a set of antique stamped metal bells.  

Check out her website and Instagram feed to see more of her great work.  

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 12.58.16 PM.png

A big thank you to Frances for taking time out of her busy schedule to come to The Rock House and show how versitle our pieces are.  

The Rock House 

Dealer Spotlight: Elizabeth Wheaton of Wheaton Whaley Designs

Get to know Elizabeth: 

The Rock House has over 80 dealers whom all bring a multitude of different talents and aesthetics.  We want to begin introducing you to the people behind the scenes.

 First up is Elizabeth, whom I have to say, is quite the worker bee.  Not only does she have a full time day job, she also is a mother to an active toddler and works her side-hustle, Wheaton Whaley Designs, which is in all aspects, a full time job in its own right.  After she works all day, and finally gets the baby down to sleep, the sewing machine cranks up and she works through the night.  Busy. Busy. Busy!  We have total respect for how hard Elizabeth works!

So... a word or two with Elizabeth to get to know her better:  

 What type of antiques do you specialize in? I don't specialize in antiques, but I do specialize in an antique art. Sewing has been around since Adam & Eve, so I specialize in really really antique stuff. But it's modern b/c I use up to date fabrics!

How long have you been in the antique business and what made you get started in it? I started my business 2 years ago to make a little extra money to put my husband through school. At the time I was 6 months pregnant, and thought I might give it up after baby, but she's 14mos old and I'm as busy as ever. My husband graduates in May and I'd love to do this as a full-time gig one day.

What is the one piece you have purchased that you treasure the most (that you sold or kept)? The very first pillow cover I ever made sold immediately on a group site, but a few months later the buyer relisted it because they were changing their decor scheme. I bought it back from them and it's in my sewing chair.

If you could have any antique piece, from anywhere in the world, despite cost, what would it be? I've always wanted a bonnet top armoire. I just think they are so classic and elegant. I'll have one at some point!

If you could be in any sitcom, what would it be? "It would be Bewitched.  Growing up, I loved that we had the same name (Elizabeth) and I thought she was so classy."

What time period would you live in from the past, if you could?  "I should have been born in the 50s so I could have enjoyed the 70s.  I surely think I would have totally fit in."

What is your favorite movie? "Gone With The Wind! I quote Scarlet O'Hara on the daily! 'I'll worry about that tomorrow.'. " 

What is your favorite song? " Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac

What are your social media handles (if you have them)? Instagram: @wheatonwhaleydesigns, Facebook:

Do you work in any other industry, or have other jobs? "I still work full-time in the insurance world. I work for an insurance broker and we assist companies in selecting & maintaining their employee benefits as well as property/casualty insurance. Very different from my side job."

Anything else you would like readers to know? "I love my family a whole bunch. My daughter, Abby is the sun in the sky, and my husband, Andrew is my dream come true. We also have a fur baby named Milly who is my true spirit animal." 

Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 2.59.49 PM.png

Thank you Elizabeth for the insight into YOU and thank you for being a part of The Rock House crew! 



Item spotlight: Victorian Photo Album

As it is Valentine's Day today, we found this lovely antique victorian photo album as our spotlight item.  It's only $40 and the colors are deep and the texture is rich.  It would be a great place to add a collection of old family photos.  It does have a lovely "S" on it near the clasp.


Beautifully worn... certain to keep memories from fading.  Happy Valentine's Day.  



Amanda Louise- February Designer Spotlight

Follow: #DesignersDIGtheRockHouse

At The Rock House, we work with many designers.  We are grateful for those that shop with us,  We want to give our customers ideas on how to style and use our many versatile pieces.  We kicked off a new "Design Influencer" series, and Amanda Louise Interiors was our first to accept the challenge.  

If you haven't yet met Amanda, she is FULL of energy and her designs are equally energetic!  She is known for her bright pallet and her bold mix of patterns and styles.  

Yep... she is precious! 

Yep... she is precious! 

We contacted Amanda about the concept of the Designer Spotlight, including doing an Instagram Takeover, and she was instantly game.  She jumped right in with the same enthusiasm she gives her projects.  

I have a love for mixing old with new, creating spaces that feel authentic and timeless. I have an intense love of color, fabric, and pattern and find inspiration wherever I go.
— Amanda Louise

She arrived to The Rock House ready to go!  She walked the booths for about 20 minutes before she asked for help to grab her first piece.  She found her anchor for the design.  A long, green vintage console table from the Clay Rainey booth.  Once she had that in place, she began sourcing pieces for the rest of the look.  She then found a rug, lamps, a pair of blue velvet chairs and a bench.  Separately, none of these pieces seemed as if they would ever work together.  Most people would think they clashed, yet she had a plan... and most importantly, talent! 

Some of the first pieces she grabbed...  hard to see a final product from just these selections, but don't worry... she brings it! 

Some of the first pieces she grabbed...  hard to see a final product from just these selections, but don't worry... she brings it! 

She has the foundation laid and now she begins on accessorizing.  She runs back out around the shop and adds layer after layer.  





Then she begins placing her accessories.  



Creating blocks of color

Creating blocks of color

After a little rearranging and replacing some items, she is ready to reveal her vignette!



Having the Rock House as a shopping resource in Greenville is a dream for a designer... and getting to hang there for the day and soak up the goodness, well that was heaven. I often times go in looking for one piece but getting to pull together a look with just Rock House finds was so so fun, it was just hard to make decisions! I could have made 100 different vignettes!
— Amanda Louise

Amanda had free rein of the shop's Instagram as well, and gave a fun insiders view of her process.  Thank you Amanda for being the first one to take on the challenge and thank you for styling such a great look using only pieces from The Rock House Antiques!  We very much enjoyed having you! 

To see more of Amanda's work, visit her website ,  on Instagram , and Facebook

The Rock House

(photos are property of Amanda Louise Interiors, and used with permission)

A moment with JAH Works

The Rock House is making a nice little habit of hosting artists & makers with pop up and trunk show events.  We love helping artists gain exposure and giving small businesses a stepping stone and a venue to sell their goods. We thought it would be nice to start introducing you to the makers we bring in.  

Jason Anderson with JAH Works will be making roses live at The Rock House Friday, February 3rd from 10-4.  Please swing by the shop to watch him work his magic.  He will be making and putting the finishing touches on the roses, for those who would like to purchase this one of a kind, hand made gift for a friend or loved one.  

We wanted to know more about Jason, his work and how he got his start.   

TRH: How did you get started? 

JAH: "I was doing woodworking at the time I discovered the art.  I was making fine furniture, cabinetry, stairs and such. I needed a branding iron, so I took a class at Creative Ironworks a couple of years ago to do that,  and immediately fell in love with the process and art through that class.  I decided to change my profession on the spot."  

TRH:  What are your passions? 

JAH: " To make art and get my name out there." 

TRH:  Where can others learn the process?  

JAH: " We have adult classes (ages 15 and up) for basic ornamental blacksmithing, metal fabrication and welding classes.  We have the Young Blacksmiths Association (YBA) for ages 9-14 in the Basics of Blacksmithing.  Check out The Artistry and for more info on classes." 

TRH: Where can someone go to see or buy your work? 

JAH: "Rustiques in Landrum, SC and online on and on Instagram". 

TRH: What are your favorite things about Greenville? 

JAH: "Downtown, no doubt.  The Village of West Greenville, The Artistry, Taylors Mill and The Scrap Yard.  My favorite restaurant is ASADA on Wade Hampton." 

Thanks Jason for giving us a moment to get to know you a bit!  We loved meeting with such a driven and creative spirit.  Swing by The Rock House Antiques Feb. 3rd to see Jason do his thing.  


The Perfect Gift

Instagram:  #RockHousePerfectGift

Let’s talk gifts.   You know the usual… a picture frame, new socks, a subscription to a magazine you never get.  It’s sweet, but those gifts are not going to make any real impressions.  Let’s talk about gifts that really make an impact… thoughtful, unusual, highly sought after, and meaningful ones.  We have been working on curating a collection of gifts that are sure to please! 

Let's jump right into The Rock House Antique's Perfect Gift Guide: 

1) Dough Bowls, Cutting Boards and Tobacco Baskets:

2) Barware:

Decanters, Seltzer bottles, glassware, shakers, champagne buckets,

and wine carafe's all make great gifts! 

3)  Silver and Silver-Plate: 

4) Brass: 


Decorative Brass animals, bookends, candlesticks, tables, stools and really, brass ANYTHING is hot right now.  Brass is back and it makes a great gift! 

5) Books: 

We have a great selection of books.  We currently are stocking the much anticipated "John Derian Picture Book" which can be pulled apart and framed, or kept bound for a coffee table book. Our book dealer searches out books that specifically appeal to our customers.  He has rare books about South Carolina, the region, the South, artists, designers, history of furniture, regional biographies, picture books, books of historical significance and so on.   Some dealers have stacks of Interior Design, Fashion or Gardening and Floral Design coffee table books.   We have collections of decorative books, such as vintage Reader's Digest books.  Of course, there are antique book sets throughout the shop.  We have one customer who started the tradition of giving her grandchildren each an Antique book each year to build their collections. 

6) Vintage Florentine Boxes: 


Vintage Florentine Boxes make for a thoughtful and unique gift.  Fill it with special chocolates, treats or jewelry!  There are also plenty of antique wooden boxes throughout the shop. 

7) Pillows or Art and Jewelry:

8) Candles, Treats, Serving Pieces and Home Fragrances: 

Young Plantations snacks are from Florence, SC, while the Slate serving pieces are pieces of the original slate roof from The SC School of the Deaf and Blind, polished and sealed to be used for serving. 

9) For The Man in Your Life: 

10. China: 

Rose Medallion, Blue & White and Imari are always appreciated! 

We of course offer MANY other options and would love for you to come in so we can help you find the perfect gift.  

Follow the hashtag #rockhouseperfectgift on Instagram for gift ideas from all of our dealers!


Lights on Augusta: Story of The Window

Last Year, The Rock House Antiques was honored to win the annual "Lights on Augusta" contest put on by The Augusta Road Business Association.  It is a friendly competition and tradition among the Association's members.  It helps the businesses as well as the shoppers prepare for the season of shopping and the staff of TRH enjoys coming up with a fresh look each year.  The Rock House's talented crew put together a window which first reads quite theatrical, but is grounded in hope of the Advent season.  

Please vote for The Rock House Antiques Window by clicking HERE.

Scene: a woman walking through the snow covered woods, towards light, holding a white dove, with a trail of crumpled love letters behind her....

Bill Bates and Barry McElreath wanted the window to speak to everyone differently but for all to walk away feeling hopeful, despite whatever season of life they are in.  Bill said, "It's a walk from the darkness of a heartbreak to the hope of a new beginning.  The bird and the white forest both reflect the light and brighten her broken world again.... just as Advent brings about the new coming of light into our world."   

Carol Kilby, owner of The Rock House Antiques, praises Bill & Barry's work.  "Their ability to represent Christmas in a creative way, and still point to it's ultimate meaning is so indicative of their talents.  It's about hope".



Nov. Gallery Show at The Rock House Antiques

We are thrilled to bring the following talented artists to The Rock House for the month of November.  They are from all over the U.S.  and we feel honored to have them all together for you.  Please visit during the month of November to see these works. They bring a variety of sizes, styles and price points of works.

Susan Skelley: 

Libby Smart Fine Art: 

Julie Holthaus Sneed:

Brooke Kellett: 

Rachel Wade Art: 

Holly Patton Art: 

Carol Ann Good: 

Pirrie Bingham: 

Kelly Coleman Coursey: 

Sissy's Art: 

S. Farrar Fine Art: 

Jennifer Howe:

Wendy Balis Fine Art: